2022 Hatcher Lake Ice Melt Contest
Thank you for your interest in Pagosa Springs Rotary Club 2022 Hatcher Lake Ice Melt Contest! 

The Hatcher Lake Ice Melt hopes to become one of Pagosa Springs Rotary’s flagship fundraisers and is modeled after the Lake Dillion Ice Melt that is facilitated by the Rotary Club of Summit County, which began in 1986!
Here’s how it works: We will haul a giant drum out to the middle of Hatcher Lake. Attached to the drum are clocks. When the ice gives way, the clocks go under water and stop working. Locals, visitors, and other astute guessers (such as yourself!) can use skill, and luck to predict the exact time the clock will drop. 
  • The grand prize winner gets $1000 and priceless bragging rights.
  • Second place gets $500 and slightly-less-priceless bragging rights.
  • Third place gets a cool $250.
  • Proceeds go towards supporting the Rotary Club of Pagosa Springs Graduating High School Senior Scholarship fund.   Please look through the rest of the website for details on these projects. 
Individual guesses cost $5, and there are discounts of 5 guesses for $20 and 30 guesses for a measly $100.
The contest closes on March 17 (or earlier if clock drops into the lake before March 17th.) Tickets must be in the hands of a Rotarian (or postmarked) by that moment or they will not be accepted. But that shouldn’t concern you, because you can get tickets right here and now through the link below! A committee of highly-trained PLPOA staff will decide the winners, and their decision will be final.