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The Pagosa Springs Rotary Club is a diverse group of engaged individuals participating through friendship and camaraderie in opportunities to serve our community and other communities around the world.
Only a Few Days Left! Gary Morris in Concert!
This is a great opportunity!  We have a renowned star willing to invest his time and talent for us! let's not let one ticket go unsold or one dollar that could support our Feed Our Children Program go un-raised!!  
Doors open to the public at 6:00 the High School will be open for us at 4:00.  If you can come a little early, there are always things that need done at the last minute.  If you are bringing deserts for the concession stand, please be there with them no later than 6:00 pm or make arrangements with Kim.
Doug Purcell and Nate Martinez, District Wildlife Managers
These game wardens can be reached by calling the Archuleta County Sheriffs office or by calling 970-799-0843 for Doug and 970-799-0842 for Nate if you need to obtain information about wild life issues such as hunting, trespassing, bears, injured animals or other wild life related concerns.
Doug started with a discussion concerning bears. Usually bears appear between now and May 1st and we should be aware that trash cans should be put away now so that bears can’t get to them. There are some plastic trash cans with “bear proof” lids available but don’t rely on them because bears will “prove you wrong” as they jump up and down on them. Commercial dumpsters should be secured with metal lids secured at all four corners. Bears are quick to learn how to gain access to food so it’s best to keep the plastic trash cans inside the garage.
Black Bears as we have rarely attack people unless they are trying to gain access to food. Black bears come in various hair colors from black to brown to blonde. They are mostly black on the east coast and as you move west across the U.S. they become more shades of brown and it is unusual to see a true black color bear in our area. Black bears are more aggressive toward humans in Alaska and Canada because they don’t have much interaction with people and they treat humans as a bear or a territorial threat. Bears that roam our neighborhoods lose that natural fear of humans and may be more aggressive. One-and-a-half-year-old yearling bears who haven’t developed a natural fear of humans have a tendency to break-in to garages and homes looking for food.
Doug discussed the issues of resident wildlife.  In Pagosa Springs area we have resident deer and Turkeys that are nice to see around but it is illegal to feed the deer (except for natural plant growth) because of disease concerns, migration concerns and when large numbers of deer congregate, it lures wildlife predators such as mountain lions to the area. He said that there are mountain lions in the area but we don’t want to increase their presence. It is not illegal to feed turkeys or to water any wild animal.
There is a problem of winter deer kill typically but it is greater when larger amounts of snow make it more difficult for deer to feed and migrate. The question was asked if deer always come back to the same area and the answer is yes. Studies have shown that deer migration is habitual. Elk have no pattern of migration but may stay in an area if the food supply is adequate. Hazing of nuisance deer is ok but don’t injure them like shooting with a BB gun.
The moose population is increasing gradually in the Weminuche area but efforts are being made to keep the population in check due to concerns of their susceptibility to disease.
Doug then talked about how best to protect your self when you encounter wild animals. The #1 thing is not to run. The mountain lion will chase you like it’s pry if you run. Mountain lions generally stay away from populated areas except at night between 10 pm and 4 am. That means that you probably won’t see them. Lion hunting is permitted to about 6 tags per year.
Bears in the wild are not generally a predator as it is usually looking for food. Let them know you are there and move away slowly is recommended.
The Ram sheep population has suffered due to exposure to farmed sheep and disease in their area of habitat.  Lynx population is thought to be good as there is adequate habitat in the area but its hard to track them because they are a very skittish animal.
Lastly, Doug mention two seminars been held in Pagosa Springs: The Youth/Women Turkey Hunting Seminar being held this Friday 3-6 pm at John Paul II Catholic Church and the Cut Throat Trout Project public meeting on April 16 at 6:30 pm at Pagosa Springs Resort with the objective of reintroducing this native trout to the area.
Weekly Raffle was held and yours truly won a chance to pick the Ace of Spades but Lady luck was not with me!
Hatcher Lake Ice Melt Contest Winners Announced
BY: JoAnn Laird
Spring is sprung and the Lake Hatcher ice melted enough to drop the fifty-five gallon barrel, containing a clock, to the depths of the lake.  This proved bad news for the clock but great news for three lucky people who won some serious money.
The contest was based on guessing the exact date, hour, minute and second that the ice would melt enough to drop the barrel in the water, thus stopping the clock. Winning $1,000 for the closest guess was Brent Bailey, second place, winning $500, was Al Myatt and third place went to Jere Hill, winning $250.
Sounds like an easy contest but there's more than meets the eye. Getting the barrel on the lake's two foot thick ice in early March was a bit of a chore, as there's always the chance of slipping and falling. Retrieving the barrel from the cold watery depths is another story.
The barrel initially dropped on April 10 but extreme winds delayed the recovery until April 11, around 2:00. Under the watchful eye of Chief Larson and Deputy Chief Karn Macht, a twenty foot Rescue Boat was launched with firemen Josh Montoya and Daniel Cabrera. Although tethered to the shore in case of an incident, two additional firemen, Jared Wirth and Lyle Hoffschneider were at the ready, if needed, as required in the two in, two out rescue method. This method proved the right choice for these highly trained firemen, as the barrel was swiftly and safely brought to shore.
In addition to Pagosa Fire and Paramedic Department, the Pagosa Springs Rotary Club, in cooperation with the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association (PLPOA) would like to thank The Pagosa Sun, KWUF Radio, Chokecherry Tree, the Chamber of Commerce and Al Myatt
for providing services that helped make their First Annual Ice Melt Contest a success.
All proceeds from this contest will go toward the Rotary Scholarship Fund for Pagosa Springs High School graduates.  For over 20 years, Rotary has annually donated over $20,000 for higher education scholarships to deserving students. In 2018 alone, $28,000 was awarded.
When cabin fever sets in for 2020, as it surely will, this fun, profitable and rewarding contest will be back to help chase those blues away. 
News & Happenings
Invocation: Pat Love
               Chosen from an African proverb: If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together. So, here’s to going far together.
Pledge of Allegiance: All
Song: Sharon Carter
               Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Visitors: Lisa Scott introduced Julie Walters as a proposed new member who is a certified and avid balloonist and a customer service manager at Scott Strategic Investments. She also introduced Pat Tackett as a proposed new member who is the human relations manager at TDK bank.
Art Benzel introduced Dr. Rhonda Webb the CEO of Pagosa Springs Medical Center as our club’s first proposed corporate membership. Dr Webb and her husband orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bill Webb moved to Pagosa Springs in 2014 from Louisiana and joined the medical Staff at Pagosa Springs Medical Center in 2015. She was chosen as CEO in 2017. She stated that they love being in Pagosa Springs and would like to get involved with our Rotary Club but acknowledges the difficulty of making meeting every week. So, as a cooperate membership she, Bill or the Chairman of the Board can attend meetings. Club members applauded her message and some stated “you are in”.
Announcements: President Shellie welcomed back members John Richardson after having spine surgery and Sue Walan after foot surgery. She also welcomed back David and Kriss Campbell, Sam Pittmon, and finally CiCi and Bruce Stuart.
Exchange Student Reports: Theo was excited to report that he played baseball with the varsity team in three games. They won the third game. He was proud to report that he did hit the ball, stole a base and caught as fly ball. He spent spring break skiing a Hesperus Ski Area and at Los Alamos ski area. He has four baseball games this weekend and hopes to play in all of them. He went to school prom last weekend. Cata reported that she spent her spring break in Hawaii and she got to meet several rotary exchange students from California. She had a surfing lesson and that was fun. They went on a catamaran boat trip in the ocean and went shopping. Upon return to Pagosa she also went to the school prom and had fun.  On Tuesday she played in a soccer game that they won and she managed to get a yellow card which she admitted was due to her “being a tough player”.
Allan Roth gave an update on the barrel contest stating that “the barrel went down yesterday”. Now, we will have to wait until the fire department retrieves it to determine the exact time it went down. Larry McClintock reported that approximately $3000 was collected from the raffle which means that approximately $750 will go to our scholarship program.
Larry McClintock gave a preliminary estimate of $22000 being raised from Rotary sponsorships donors. This amount exceeds our goal of $20000.
Gary Morris Concert update: Sharon Crump estimates that ticket sales have garnered $6300 thus far. Shellie encourage all members to either sale tickets that they have or turn them in so that others can sale them. Kim Moore reported that there will be concession sales of brownies, chocolate chip cookies and Choke Cherry Caramels at the concert.
Shellie announced that there is a day long videography course on April 26 for anyone interested in learning for the benefit of our Rotary Club. She also reminded members of the 9 Health Fair to be held April 27, 2019 at Pagosa High School and that there is a need for additional volunteers to help with form control and form checks. Friday pre-draw will be at the Methodist Church at 7:30 am and she encourages that more people sign up because the lack of adequate participation may result in cancellation of the pre-draw for the 9 Health program. You can register online at
There will be the 1st District Training conference this weekend at Montrose. You are encouraged to attend to learn more about Rotary.
Janelle Syverson solicited participation in the Geothermal Greenhouse water-themed Environmental Film Festival this Friday and Saturday.
David Smith gave an update on Wings the early child care facility that’s being constructed. He stated that it is progressing very well with hopes to open for business in September. He announced that our Rotary member CiCi Stuart has volunteered to help with that program.
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Shellie Peterson
Apr 25, 2019
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May 02, 2019
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