Posted by Jim Garrett
Danish was served!  But not pastry: the invocation was delivered by exchange student Theo Bonlokke in his native language.  Theo followed-up with an English interpretation for the benefit of those who don’t know their Danish beyond picking apricot or raspberry, including your reporter and probably just about everybody else in the room.  It went something like the following: “To make earth a better place, be better humans, ja!”  (In any language, that seems to hit the nail on the head.)
Jessie Formwalt then stepped up once again to provide harmonious vocal delights, leading the group in “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain.”
Visitors included the omni-present Kenny Rogers (although sans a hat), who reported that Pagosa Mountain Rotary’s project to provide solar panels for an elementary school in Puerto Rico, had reached full funding, and installation of the panels is expected soon.
Guests included Lisa Scott’s son, Spence, home from Hofstra University on Long Island, where he is a senior.
Carrie Weiss then solicited volunteers to take over the lottery temporarily, while she and John take their annual RV adventure.
President Shellie Peterson then asked for volunteers to stuff envelopes after the meeting, to send out forms to donors documenting their donations during the year for use on 2018 tax returns.  Shellie’s appeal having been lodged, Jo Bridges interjected a comment on Shellie’s computer prowess, which she reported had enormously facilitated the process of addressing the envelopes to mail the notices. (Jo said something about a merge, which I always thought was done on the highway coming out of Walmart, but apparently Jo had some more exotic skill in mind – she didn’t explain, but considering her audience, it would have been wasted breath.)
The next order of business was a celebration of Theo’s 17th birthday, with singing of the traditional song and a birthday cake and candles.  Theo reported that cakes are included in birthday celebrations in Denmark, but he didn’t mention candles.  (He was not able to blow-out all 17 candles on his cake when bidden, so perhaps that is not part of the Danish birthday ritual, and he was taken by surprise.)
Sunshine and Showers ensued, but few ventured to share their thoughts.  The Mistress of Ceremonies, Betty Switzer, herself offered gratitude that her “testable hypothesis” question to Dave Smith of last week was little noted in the Bulletin, and your reporter responded by likewise expressing thanks for the abundant copy Betty routinely provides.  Carrie offered a scholarship donation to encourage a lottery pinch-hitter in her absence, and Kim Moore expressed appreciation for the wonderful ceremony last weekend in honor of Larry Olin.
Shellie then introduced our speaker by inviting all to join a trip to Tibet, without “cost, germs or fuss,” a/k/a, vicariously, courtesy of the recollections of one not so faint of heart.