Posted by Shellie Peterson

Ally Ashbaugh was one of the students selected to participate in the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and she addressed the Rotary Club of Pagosa Springs recently.  She had been fortunate enough to attend several high-caliber leadership camps this summer, but one thing stood out to her about RYLA.
She said that the training and practice involving how to make ethical decisions in all manner of things that come 'at you' in life was one of the most valuable things she learned at RYLA.  A very well spoken and interesting young lady and we look forward to watching her continue to develop her skills and be a leader in her class!
There are two other young ladies we are looking forward to hearing from, Peyton Burns and Kaia Jones were also recipients and we look forward to hearing from them soon!

RYLA students learn about teamwork, building trust in relationships and a lot more during this exciting high wire training session.
From the outside to inside, the learning and teambuilding continue.