Posted by Sam Pittmon
Art Benzel presented a discussion aimed at an easy way to sell tickets and get sponsors for our Barn Dance. First you must know the location, date, who is providing the food and the name of the band that will be playing. You will need to know that any checks made out should go to Pagosa Rotary CAF.
Art then suggested the best approach to gain sponsors. If you know the person you are more likely to get their support. You should exhibit honesty by looking eye to eye to the person. You should read the sponsor letter to them and make a point to tell that all moneys raised stays locally. Georgette added that money raised is used to make a significant difference in many children's lives through the scholarship, dictionary programs and other projects. You should make sure to let the sponsors know that their business logo will be included on our bulletin page and website and that when someone clicks on their logo it takes them directly to their business website.