Posted by Sam Pittmon
Codie presented an overview of Pagosa Outreach Connection which is a loosely organized group of some 15-20 business and churches in Pagosa Springs whose objective is to provide financial support to a certain niche in Archuleta county. Since 2004 this organization has been helping individuals and families who live from pay check to pay check and are not eligible for assistance from other sources. Pagosa Outreach provides emergency assistance as needed. Members meet once per week to review applications and then decide who gets assistance and how much. Usually assistance is provided for rent, utilities, medical expenses and vehicle repair. Checks are written out to the business that is owed money by the applicant. The applicant is not given money directly. The recipients of aid are screened by the Department of Human Services locally or they are referred by our local veterans’ organization.
Our Rotary Club has donated approximately $4000.00 dollars yearly ($1000.00 per quarter) to this organization that regularly donates more that $30,000.00 each year to needy families and individuals. Codie has been our club liaison to Pagosa Outreach for several years and Livia Lynch applauded her dedication to this project.