Posted by Jim Garrett
Speakers: Cindy Galabota and Mozhdeh Bruss, FACE (Foundation for Archuleta County Education)
Cindy and Mozhdeh spoke as members FACE’s board.  (One of the founders of the organization in 2012 was Rotarian Jesse Formwalt.)  The organization’s website,, describes it as “a non-profit organization that supports programs to enhance academic opportunities for students K–12 in Archuleta County, Colorado.”    
Our speakers explained that FACE makes grants supplying “gap funding,” to help support and enhance curricular and extra-curricular activities provided in local schools and related entities.  According to the website, “Groups or individuals who have innovative or established educational programs are encouraged to submit proposals to the FACE board of directors for consideration.”
According to data cited by Cindy, 60 awards in the total amount of approximately $36,000 have been made since FACE was established in 2012.  Among the purposes have been to provide equipment for student and classroom use, including computer hardware, microscopes, magnetic hardboards, and items needed in the High School’s building trades class, and to give support to innovative teaching opportunities including to date a seventh grade math teaching program built around fantasy baseball, and a science project to develop student’s understanding of collecting and analyzing data, by studying Owl Pellets (droppings) to uncover characteristics of the birds’ diet and lives.
Cindy added that FACE expects to place increased emphasis on “instructional and learning innovations” moving forward.
Mozhdeh then addressed FACE’s new initiative, Enhancing Summer Education, which will operate in cooperation with the Summer Camp based in the Community Center, and run by the Town of Pagosa Springs.
The Summer Camp is a project of the Town to provide constructive and fun activities while schools are closed during the summer to local children from ages 6 – 12.   Last year, Mozhdeh said, there were 80 campers.
This year for the first time, she said, during one week of the Camp, FACE will organize a so-called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focused program for campers, which is expected to cover 2.5 hours daily for five consecutive days.
Various “content providers” may be involved, Mozhdeh added, mentioning the Weminuche Audubon Society, Archuleta County Extension/4 H, and the Mountain Studies Institute, among others.
The speakers advised that FACE projects needs next year of $5000 for its school-based funding and another $5000 to support the summer enhancement effort.  They advised that support for the organization in the past has come from fund-raising events, grants and donations.  Donations can easily be made on the organization’s website. 
In addition, they solicited volunteers for the board and its subcommittees.  The organization has no paid staff, and all funds it receives go to its efforts to support education.