Posted by Shellie Peterson
We will be closing the Hatcher Ice Melt Contest!! Your guesses have to be in by then! This barrel is going down! When it gets rescued, by the PFPD and EMT's it will be coming to shore in a much larger boat! Last chance to win $1,000 for the closest guess of when the clocks will hit the water! $500 for the second closest and $250 for the third.
Ice Melt Contest extended thanks to Old Man Winter!! But those clocks are ticking and with weather this warm you can bet that ice is melting! You now have an even BETTER chance at winning that $1,000 for the closest guess, $500 for the second closest and $250 for the third closest. Enter as many times as you would like....right up to....just before the barrel falls in and the clocks stop ticking. Entry links at or click this link
Proceeds support the Rotary Scholarship Fund to aid graduating seniors with college or trade school.