Posted by Jim Garrett
Guests at the meeting included two Pagosa Springs High School Students who have been selected as “outbound” exchange students for 2018-19.  They are Pictured here along with our current in-coming exchange student, Laura Delgato from Brazil.  
Sophomore Lauren Rowland is ticketed for Denmark.  Lauren said she loves travel and is excited to have been selected.  Junior Sahvanna Vasquez will be going to Romania.  She told us she has been friends with the recent exchange students who have spent a year in our town, and her friendships triggered her own interest in the program.
President Kim Moore explained the distinction won by the two local students with their selection, as there were many more applicants to be outbound exchange students from the Region than slots available.  Lauren and Savannah joined the others at a weekend program in Grand Junction, where all applicants were interviewed, and they were able to make it into the group of selectees.  Rotary members congratulated them on their success, and offered best wishes to carry them forward into their adventures.
Their selection, supported partially by the Pagosa Mountain Morning Rotary Club and the Noon Club will result in TWO in-coming exchange students to Pagosa next year!  How exciting is THAT!  Our Pagosa kids will grow in culture and sensitivity with their relationships with these students as much as the in-coming students will with exposure and friendship with our Pagosa Springs students!