Posted by Jim Garrett
After hearing from our visitors, President Kim Moore moved on with thanks for the efforts of  those who pitched in with the Kentucky Derby Gala the previous weekend.  The event was the “best ever,” she said.  While Kim disclosed that the tentative figures indicate that the total funds raised may have fallen slightly behind last year, she noted that was at least in part a reflection of higher costs.
Brazilian exchange student Laura Delgado reported she had actually attended the Derby in person the prior weekend in Kentucky.  Laura added that she would be continuing her busy schedule of immersion into the American cultural experience with a trip to Denver the following weekend, to participate in an event with the Pagosa Springs High School chorus.  And, she cheered on the High School baseball nine, whom she reported advanced this year to the state playoffs.  Alas, the Lady Pirates soccer team, of which Laura is a member, did not enjoy equal success having finished the season just short of qualifying for the playoffs. 
Betty Switzer, bless her heart, had the forthought to bring roses to our President and thank her for her extraordinary efforts on behalf of the Kentucky Derby Fundraiser.