Posted by JoAnn Laird and Bob Eggleston
Are you hankerin' for a fun night in Las Vegas, but don't want to spend the time or money to drive there?  Your wish is Rotary's command.
That fun-loving group welcomes you to its own version of Las Vegas by presenting Casino Night Las Vegas on June 21 from 6:30 to 10 pm at the PLPOA Clubhouse, 230 Port Avenue.
Pagosa Springs Rotary Club
Presents Casino Night Las Vegas (probably our 15th)
Ticket Sales Support: Handling Objections
OBJECTION:  “The tickets are too expensive.”
  1. All of the expenses for the event have been paid for by our sponsors. Their generosity allows us to designate all of the ticket sales proceeds back into our community through  scholarships and other Rotary projects that support our local students.
  2. For a great night out with full entertainment, dancing, being with friends, fun games to play, appetizers and desserts, you would spend a similar amount of money.
  3. Your ticket is your entry into a drawing for $400 cash, $200 cash and $100 cash prizes.
  4. An option would be to make a small donation of $20 to $30 to Pagosa Springs Rotary Club as means of supporting our organization and your community.
OBJECTION: “I will be out of town that weekend.”
  1. Surprise your friends with two tickets to this great event! (What a great Anniversary or Birthday present!)
  2. Give your tickets to your employees as a “Thank You” to reward them for all of their hard work and efforts towards your company’s success.
  3. See above #4. Even if you are unable to attend, purchasing tickets is a donation to benefit Rotary scholarships and Rotary projects helping local students.
  4. See above #3. You could win $400, $200 or $100 CASH!
OBJECTION: “I don’t like to gamble”
  1. No problem. There will dancing with the Retro Cats, a silent auction, socializing with your friends and eating appetizers and desserts. A cash bar is also available.
  2. See above #3. Did we mention that you could win $400, $200 or $100 in cash!
  3. You will receive $50,000 casino dollars that is worth 5 entry tickets for additional prizes.