Posted by Jim Garrett
The meeting began with an invocation by Art Benzel featuring a simple observation on the power of attitude: “A person can alter his life by altering his attitude!”
New President Shellie Peterson then started her term in office by looking back at last year’s accomplishments, noting that during 2017-18 Rotary members had tallied 6080 hours of labor contributed to community projects.  If the value of labor be estimated at $25/hr., Shellie said, that’s equivalent to $152,000 worth of effort.  Added to the $51,000 cash funding provided by members to Rotary’s numerous projects, she concluded the total value of Rotary’s contributions to the community during the year was over $200,000.
Shellie also separately looked ahead to the upcoming year, as the speaker for the main presentation during the meeting, focused on the year’s new Rotary theme, “Be the Inspiration.”
In addition to the collective pat on the back for the club from Shellie, Pagosa Rotary’s success measured by a very different yardstick was recognized also during the meeting by a visitor from a Rotary chapter in Arizona.   Frank, whose last name and community your reporter missed, said our club was the “most friendly” he knew of.
Dave Campbell followed by introducing a new member, Helen Richardson, for brief remarks.  Helen described herself as feeling like the luckiest possible person, due to three signal events during her life: finding her partner, finding her career, and finding “the most beautiful place,” Pagosa.  Many a smile of recognition could be observed in the room as Helen concluded.
Newly anointed past-President (perhaps the highest honor enjoyed by a Rotarian) Kim Moore then took the floor to pinch-hit for Betty Switzer with Sunshine and Showers. 
Even without the aid of Betty’s inexhaustible bubble machine, Kim herself began by verbally bubbling over with happiness from the recent visit of her granddaughters.  Among other adventures, she recalled the youngsters had been thrilled to help with the festivities at the late-June Installation dinner.  (This observer noted their Herculean efforts during the event to exhaust the bubble machine had not succeeded, but they certainly did delight in the attempt, circling the room repeatedly, launching clouds of bubbles floating madly and copiously every-which-way.)
Sam Pittmon similarly rejoiced at the recent visit of his 9 year-old grandson.
Codie Wilson then picked up the theme, by noting with pride her grandchildren who were joining Rotary for lunch at the meeting.  One of them, Sarah Ross, a Pagosa Springs High School senior next year and a short-term exchange student this summer, later participated in the meeting, as described below.
Dan McPherson joined in by celebrating the christening of his great-grandson.
Finally, Shellie expressed appreciation of the success of the 4th of July Parade.  As one modest demonstration of the magical power of the Parade, Shellie noted she had heard that at least one of the several participating pop bands had picked up a lot of business due to their participation.  (Let’s hope another Parade participant, the Fire Protection District, didn’t pick up a lot of business, too.)