Posted by Jim Garrett
Pat Love kicked the proceedings off with a “Zen” invocation: “When faced with two choices, choose one.  You’ll know!”
Kim Moore then led the meeting in singing, “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee.” 
Madame President Shellie Peterson then acknowledged the presence at the meeting of Barry Wheeless, after he and Treva moved away.  Typically bandaged up, Barry had a daunting list of health issues to deal with and more to come.  Betty Switzer vigorously solemnized the occasion with a celebratory cascade of bubbles, after she coaxed the  bubble machine to life with a stern shaking.  I was good to see Barry – at least the wheels didn’t fall off!  (Sometimes it seemed as if that was the only thing left.) 
Also recognized was the return after a period of absence of Jo Ann Laird.  Jo Ann, apparently (and thankfully), only had other fish to fry in recent weeks.
Next, Shellie bestowed Paul Harris awards, recognizing donations to Rotary causes, on Jo Ann (her fifth) and Neal Johnson.  Neal stepped up to accept his award without regard to the large bandage on his forehead, proving it’s hard to keep a good man down.
Shellie then passed along a message of appreciation for the 4th of July Parade from the Pagosa Springs High School Class of 1978, which celebrated its 40th reunion with a ride in the Parade on a flatbed truck featuring unrestrained dancing to period music (the Twist? No, that was 10 years earlier.  Disco???  Who can say; it all blends together for me now as rhythmic thrashing about, indulged in only in fantasies of days long ago.)
Shellie also announced the Friends of the Library Community Book Sale, to be conducted Saturday August 11 from 9 am to 2 pm at Centerpoint Church.  Also on sale will be CDs and DVDs.  Proceeds will benefit the Library.
Announcements were concluded with news of two upcoming Rotary events, a meeting of Rotary International Leadership training on September 8, a mere hop, skip and a jump away in Bayfield, and the Rotary District Conference in Cripple Creek, Colorado on October 4 – 6 (lots of interesting speakers, but if your interest should happen to wane, no problem: the venue is a casino.)
To help keep everyone occupied while awaiting these events, Shellie circulated a list of Rotary Committees, urging every member to join three.  (The list worked its way slowly through the room, as Rotarians evidently took Shelly’s request to heart, and only reached my table at the meeting’s end.   Fortunately, my task was lessened, because my name was already attached to something called the Public Relations Committee.  With baited breath I await discovery of what that is (perhaps it was described at a meeting I missed), but regardless of the details, fear not, I stand ready to pull my oar to achieve its mission.)