Posted by Sam Pittmon
Invocation by Art Benzel:
  1. The average human life is relatively short
  2. You will only ever live the life you have created for yourself
  3. Being busy does not mean being productive
  4. Some sort of failure always occurs before success
  5. Thinking and doing are two different things
  6. You don’t have to wait for an apology to forgive
  7. Some people are simply the wrong match for you
  8. Its not other people’s job to love you, it’s yours
  9. What you own is not who you are
  10. Everything changes, every second
Song led by Sue Walan: America the Beautiful
Exchange Students Remarks
Cata Acuilera reported that attending school in Pagosa Springs is “different”. She has decided to participate in the sport of Cross Country.  Theodor Bonlokke reports that school is “very nice” and that he is participating in sport of soccer.  They both will be going to Durango this weekend to visit with other Rotary exchange students in the region.
Visiting Rotarians: none        Guest of Rotarian: none
Carrie Weiss made known the Salvation Army Bell ringing schedule for this fall. Bell ringing will begin November 24 and end December 24. Rotarians previously did bell ringing on the weekend for five weeks. She warned that Rotarians may be needed to do some bell ringing during the weekdays. Sign-up sheets will be circulated soon. She will also be requesting volunteers to do kettle deliver, set-up, take down and collection deposits. Other volunteers may be need to serve as Bell Guards that are responsible for filling in for volunteer bell ringers that sign up but is unable show up.
Bill Hubbard thanks those who showed up to help with Loaves and Fishes last week for a job well done. He made known that he is not a fan of “pink paper”.
Jo Bridges announced the passing of a previous Pagosa Rotarian Jerry LaQuey and she circulated a sympathy card.
Jan Pitcher announced that another trash pick-up activity is scheduled for September 29. A sign-up sheet will be circulated.
Kim Moore announced that our 4th Annual Barn Dance scheduled for October 20th  from 7 pm to 11pm at Archuleta County Extension Building. Tickets will be $15.00/person and $25.00 for two. There will be silent auctions and 3 live auctions.  Our newly inducted Rotarian Jeannie Bissell has graciously volunteered to be the Chairperson for this event.
Carrie Weiss announced sadly that our honored club president Shellie Peterson’s mother-in law passed away recently. A sympathy cart was circulated for all to sign.
Georgette Baumgardner announced that her father in law Gary Morris has volunteered to perform a musical concert on behalf of Rotary at Pagosa Springs High School with proceeds to support youth programs at the school. The date and time have not been determined.
Jonnae Benzel spoke on behalf of our Rotary Membership Committee in encouraging all members to actively recruit new members for our club and don’t think that it’s only the Membership committee’s responsibility.
President Shellie the discussed the Why and the How of Rotary with emphasis on our values and what makes Rotary different. We then recited the Four Way Test.
Sunshine and Showers:
Betty Switzer made her jubilant return with bubbles after being away for three weeks.
Sunshine: Cici and Bruce Stuart revealed that we get off easy with a dollar sunshines compared to $25.00 they had to pay out at a club in Grass Valley, California.
Sunshine: Kim Moore welcomed the return of Betty and Jeff Switzer and Granton Bartz and her son’s 23 birthday. Shower: She announced the loss of Shellie’s mother in law.
Sunshine: Warren Brown praised the Pagosa School Board approval for an Resource Officer Patrol at the schools 5 days per week to improve safety for students. He also gleefully added that his wife
won the 50/50 raffle at a recent Colorado Rookies baseball game that netted $5000.
Sunshine: David Cammack reported that his son will soon get his master’s degree and maybe a job in Gunnison, CO.
Sunshine: Jeff and Betty Switzer announced that they enjoyed a wonderful 13 day cruise recently that originated in Montreal, Canada. There were 9 ports of call on the way to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They showered the unlucky consequences of putting your car keys in your checked luggage on a return flight to Durango especially when your luggage does not arrive when you do. As expected, that story was worthy of many laughs.
The weekly raffle ticket sales were $44.00 and the total pot for the raffle was up to $81.00. Melanie Garrett’s ticket was drawn but Luck failed her as she pulled the six of hearts.