Posted by Jim Garrett
Art Benzell began the proceedings by quoting Rotary founder Paul Harris, and former President George Bush, on key elements of humanity (not an invocation, asserted Art, just important thoughts).
Harris: “You must share knowledge.  Ignorance is a menace to peace.”  Bush: “Any definition of a successful life must include service to others.”
Sharon Crump and Jesse Formwalt then debuted a new song, “When We Meet at Rotary,” to an old tune, “When the Saints Go Marching In.”  Very catchy, but only one line: someone needs to propose additional lyrics.  Certainly, though, a good start.
Guests were introduced: Mike Beckel, a member returning from Leave of Absence (Kim Moore) and Jodie Brown (husband Warren).
A new member was next announced, by President Shellie Peterson in the absence of Dave Campbell: Kathleen McFadden, sponsored by the effervescent Pat Love (a/k/a Mom).  Kathleen told us she enjoys Pagosa, and has made it her home, recently becoming a licensed Colorado driver and now working toward a real estate license.  With regard to Rotary, Kathleen “loves being part of an organization that does so many good things.”
Grant Guru Dave Smith then updated the group on Rotary’s grant activities.  Initially he displayed a calendar featuring amateur photos by a Rotarian couple, used to raise funds to support a sister club’s Nicaraguan water project by selling advertising.  The calendar, Dave indicated, exemplified the ways that small beginnings can lead to big results, as the local club had managed to raise $14,000 for the project, which it ultimately leveraged to $65,000 with a Rotary International Global Grant.
In addition, Dave pointed out the benefits to be reaped by obtaining Rotary District Grants.  As examples, Dave noted that District Grants have recently helped fund a diverse variety of beneficial projects in multiple communities, including providing equipment for schools, a dental clinic, and a local meeting hall, outfitting needy children with shoes and socks, and installing benches in a public park (for the weary, perhaps, or even just nature-lovers).
Bob Eggleston then reminded all of the task of selling tickets for the upcoming Casino Night, and Pat Love stayed on theme by issuing a similarly ecumenical invitation to all to participate on the event’s decorating committee.  The committee will be assembling to work magic on Mondays June 3 and June 10 at 4 pm in the back room at Pagosa Brewing, Pat said.  Don’t worry about the goings on, cautiously described as “fun,” by Kim Moore.  As allegedly true for Las Vegas (or so they claim), what happens in the back room, stays in the back room, so good times are virtually guaranteed – or at least, good works (and remember what President Bush said about service).
Pat hinted further at good times to come, by revealing that the local UPS store had donated boxes to be decorated as large dice for Casino Night.  Large dice!!!  The mind boggles at the mere mention . . .
President Shellie then provided a dose of cold reality to the proceedings, with mention of thus-far unproductive discussions with the Town of Pagosa Springs over the issue of liability associated with hosting the Fourth of July Parade.  Discussions with Town staff seem to have reached an impasse, Shellie indicated, threatening Rotary’s ability to fulfill its traditional role, and a decision would need to be reached soon.  Your reporter then lamented the news, declaiming with concurrence of many the centrality of the Parade to Pagosa summertime.
[As this is being written on Sunday June 2, this seems a still developing story.  Following the Thursday meeting, the Pagosa Springs Sun reported that Rotary would not host the Parade.  But subsequently, it was suggested to your reporter that additional developments may be in the offing, and it appears new arrangements for the Parade could be revealed by the time of the Pagosa Springs Town Council meeting the evening of Tuesday June 4, 2019.  Those interested may wish to await further developments.]
Kim Moore then presided in the absence of Betty “Bubbles” Switzer over Sunshine/Showers (apologies to those omitted from this account due to the slowness of your reporter’s pen):
  • Dave Smith led off with a description of his recent trip to San Jose, California – driving his 89 year-old Model A Ford.  The don’t make ‘em like they used to.  But according to Dave, he and his wife needed visits to the chiropractor at the end of the ride under nearly century-old standards of comfort, so maybe that’s not all bad.
  • Bill Hubbard reported on the return to town of former local scholarship winner, the granddaughter of downtown barber Ray Garcia.
  • Warren Brown celebrated athletes: his wife Jodie, who recently claimed 5th place in a Utah triathlon, and the upcoming Special Olympics, to be kicked off by a torch run at Mary Fisher Park set for June 22. 
  • Bill Darling rejoiced (a) in the recent visit of a granddaughter (the youngster brought her parents, Bill observed in an apparent afterthought), and (b) a recent scan finding him cancer-free at one year.
  • Sharon Crump recounted her Mothers’ Day visit to New Orleans, to (you guessed it) visit her mother.
  • And Kim herself reported on an acrobatic, soon-arriving grandson, who performed a graceful “flip” in the womb of Kim’s daughter-in-law, thus averting an impending C-section for his mother.
The lottery concluded the meeting.  Mike Beckel held the winning ticket, but drew a looser from the remaining concealed cards flourished by Lisa Scott.  The pot, up to $368 at the time of Mike’s disappointment, continues to grow, as the remaining cards in the deck dwindle down to a mere few and the Ace of Spades still lurks anonymously in hiding.