Posted by Jim Garrett
                   Welcoming new member Warren Brown
In the absence of President and World Traveler Kim Moore, Shellie Peterson presided over the meeting with a steady hand on the tiller.   (However, Shellie’s hand on the gong to convene the meeting was somewhat gentle, needing a series of whacks to attract attention.  That may need a little work, Shellie.)
The invocation was delivered by Sheri Booher, who introduced it as a simple illustration of simple truths. 
Sheri told the story of a professor who distributed a surprise test to his class.  When the instruction to begin was announced, the students were shocked to find the test included only a single sheet of paper, in the middle of which a black spot prominently appeared.  A further instruction was given: write about what you see. 
When time was up, the papers were collected.  Then the professor read aloud to the class what they all had written they saw, consisting uniformly of descriptions of the spot: its location on the page, dimensions, shape, darkness, etc. 
When done reading, the professor spoke to the class.  “You all focused on the single black spot,” he said, “None wrote about the much larger white page. 
“People often overlook the whole and dwell on the small,” he continued.  “Life is a blessing.  Don’t focus on the dark spots and overlook the good.”
Jesse Formwalt then led the group in song.  Digging deep into her bag of tricks, Jesse came up with a highly appropriate number, “Springtime in the Rockies.”
Among the guests were Cindy Galabota’s Mom, from Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Considering the climate in Green Bay, especially this year, and the bright sunshine nudging Pagosa’s temperature to the edge of 60 degrees last week, no doubt our visitor brought with her a powerful appreciation of springtime in the Rockies.
Shellie Peterson then announced the arrival of another harbinger of Spring: posters for the Kentucky Derby Party, and asked Rotarians to solicit local businesses to post them in shop windows.  Shellie tasked all in addition to solicit businesses for sponsorships critical to the Party’s fund-raising effort, pointing out there are several recognized sponsorship levels which include tickets (worth $45 each). 
A “Bronze” sponsorship ($300 or more) yields two tickets, and a “Title” sponsorship ($3000 and up) eight, with additional levels between.  A general sponsorship (under $300) does not include tickets.   For more information, contact Shellie, or Treasurer Larry McCliintock.
Later, as the meeting concluded, members’ Kentucky Derby Party tickets were distributed.
Smoothly shifting gears to address a later event, Shellie also asked Rotarians to think about nominees to be this year’s Grand Marshal for the Pagosa Springs Fourth of July Parade.  The parade is renowned throughout the Four Corners as the “Parade that keeps on Marchin’,” but the Grand Marshal gets to sit in a comfortable car, an honor, indeed, on a hot, sunny July 4th.
Other announcements were that Rotary’s Annual Put Hill cleanup is coming, and volunteers are needed, and the Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership’s Environmental Film Festival will be held on April 13-14.
Neal Johnson then took the floor to welcome new (returned) Rotary member Warren Brown, of the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office.  Warren pronounced himself delighted to be back in the fold, attributing his recent separation from the Club to the heavy burdens of his job, now somewhat abated.
Betty Switzer then presided over a burgeoning session of “Sunshine and Showers,” with many contributors.  As your reporter lacked a good view of the Pagosa Brewing Company dining room during the meeting, he unfortunately has meager ability here to provide any significant summary of the always intriguing personal observations and reports that comprise S/S. 
But it can be reported that John Shepard announced he has been appointed Communications Director of the American Planning Association Small Town and Rural Division.  (John moonlights as the Planning Director of Archuleta County.).  Plus, another job-related announcement came from Meg Wempe (who moonlights as Sisson Library Director), who reported that our own Cindy Galabota will be joining the Library as its Development Officer.
And also, in observation of her role presiding over the week’s Rotary meeting, Shellie contributed as a “Sunshine” announcement, the observation that she was confident she would cease shaking at least by 2 pm.   But Betty was quick to top Shellie, pointing out with magnificent good humor, “I always shake.”