Most of the Global Grants managed by Rotary Clubs in our district were initiated by one, highly energized person who was personally interested in a specific project in a specific country. Although this approach is often successful, it is fraught with a major obstacle: How to find a Host Club Partner that will be a reliable partner?
Of the approximately 46,000 Rotary Clubs in the world, only a small number have the will or the ability to host a Global Grant. Finding a Rotary Club in a particular community to manage a particular project is usually a major challenge.
Partnering with Rotary Clubs that have already identified projects they would like to do is more likely to lead to success with less effort. I recently received an email from Linus Okezie Eze, who chairs District 9142 Grants Subcommittee for The Rotary Foundation. This district is located in SE Nigeria.
Linus has identified 6 Global Grant projects that clubs in his district would like to do. These projects are directed towards improving toilet facilities in schools, upgrading instruction in girls schools, and training to insure a safe blood supply. All fit within one or more of The Foundation’s Areas of Focus.
The Host Clubs are not only willing and able to partner on these projects, they are hyper excited. They just need an International Partner, which could be your club.
Every dollar that clubs in our district contribute to a Global Grant is matched by an additional $2.25 from District and TRF matches. Most Global Grants have a total budget of $40,000 to $80,000, which is enough money to do a lot of good. Although developing a Global Grant may appear difficult, the process is quite doable when you have a reliable Host Club partner. For more information on these projects, contact: Linus Okezie EZE For information on how to prepare a Global Grant application, contact Melanie Phelps, or myself