Posted by Jim Garrett
Jane Parker - Pagosa Family School Coordinator/Shared School Liaison
            Ms. Parker identified herself as the administrator of the Pagosa Family School, which she told us provides after-school enrichment programs to local elementary and middle school students.  Included in the enrichment program are Spanish and Art classes, drum line, and choir.
            The Family School operates in the Pagosa Springs Elementary School on Mondays and Wednesdays, and the Pagosa Springs Middle School Tuesdays and Thursdays.  But, Ms. Parker emphasized, its activities are not just for public school students, but also for others who may be attending private schools or home schooling -- more than one third of the participants come from those sources, she added.
            This year, when enrolment is finalized, Ms. Parker anticipates approximately 150 students will participate in the Family School.  Primary funding originates from the State of Colorado, she said, and is disbursed to the Family School through the Archuleta School District (ASD).  While she emphasized there is no negative impact on the School District’ own operating budget, as the funds are simply passed through, Ms. Parker praised the District for its “amazing” support for the program.
            In addition to the primary funding provided by the state, Parker said that teachers participating in the program have received support to acquire supplies and equipment through $1000 FACE (Foundation for Archuleta County Education) grants.  A link to the Family School’s website is included on the ASD website, she said.
President Moore presented Ms. Parker with a Rotary mug following her talk.  Kim also  suggested that the Family School should consider applying for additional grant aid from Rotary.