Posted by Sam Pittmon
Guest Speaker: Dr. Pat Love spoke on the topic “The Biggest Problem That No One Talks About”.
Pat started with saying that this malady #1 is more highly correlated with early morbidity than obesity, smoking and drug abuse. #2 It is also correlated with violence, careless acts and substance abuse. #3 It is not as simple as you might think. This condition is “loneliness”. The greatest predictor of longevity is close social contacts.
She talked about these five questions as an antidote to loneliness.
#1. Who Are You? Specifically, what are your core values, what do you stand for, what are the principals, traits that without which you would not be you. An example is Kindness something that you do daily and can affirm at the end of each day.
#2. Are you connected? Are there at least three people in your life that show up when needed, are tuned in, they understand you and their behavior shows it.
#3. Are you in community? Do you feel good about the community where you live? Do you have a sense of belonging, connected and secure in your community?
#4. Are your talents being utilized in meaningful work? Is your work a job, a career or avocation? An avocation is a calling like who you are. Are your talents utilized in meaningful work? If your work is not meaningful, there is a missing element that contributes to a feeling of loneliness.
#5. Are you living out the purpose of your life as referred to by author Rick Warren in his book “The Purpose Driven Life”?  One of his notable quotes is “Being successful and fulfilling your life purpose are not at all the same thing: you can reach all your personal goals, become a raving success by the worlds standards and still miss your purpose in this life.”
In closing, Pat stated that it is “smarter to strive for contentment than happiness”