Posted by Jann Pitcher
Nine brave souls tackled Putt Hill on Saturday morning of the Memorial Day Weekend!
Meg Wempe, Cindi and Kareena Galabota, Renee Vanover, Elaine Feeney, Paula Tennant, Elsa Lindner, Kim Moore and Jann Pitcher were not for the faint of heart no matter how busy the highway was!!  The Rotary Club of Pagosa Springs is proud of our community and one of the ways we show it is by cleaning up trash along the highway.  It is always great fun and super rewarding.  Sometimes we have found some pretty interesting items to boot!
There are community service projects that take money and then there are community service projects that simply take effort and the desire to see Pagosa Springs in the most positive light.  This project is one that 'just won't stay done'.  Rotarians know that it is inevitable that no matter how careful folks are, some of this debris is going to end up back along Putt Hill.  So, we will be there to continue to serve.