Posted by Shellie Peterson
Sandra Houston, Regional Coordinator for the Three Rivers Foundation for Literacy, was our featured speaker last week.  Through Sandra's work and the resources she has available, over 3,000 books were provided to local families during the week of Halloween!  
Sandra challenged us in several ways during her presentation.  One challenge she presented was to look up Rosemary Wells.  From her biography, I found this: "I was a scrawny girl who grew up in the 1940's and 50's on the New Jersey shore. I was lucky. I had really good parents. My mother was a ballet dancer for the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. My father, a playwright. They were intelligent and sensitive. They praised what I did well and didn't care much about what I didn't do well. I drew uncannily for a youngster. Every week my mother would choose the best drawing of the week and thumbtack it to the mantle piece. In this way I learned that some of my pictures were better than others and I strove to please."
Rosemary Wells also said, "Reading to your little one is just like putting gold coins in the bank. It will pay you back tenfold. Your daughter will learn, and imagine, and be strong in herself. Your son will thrive, and give your love back forever."
Sandra also suggested that we should read what inspires us and read to our little ones or those that we have an opportunity to influence with our time and talents.
So Read to your Bunny!  Children who read succeed!