Posted by Shellie Peterson
Plan on joining us on a day trip to Bayfield!!  Saturday, September 8th!!  
Course 1 The Rotarian 
For those interested in learning about the world of Rotary and its benefits. 
Leadership – Insights: As a Rotarian, I am, by definition, a leader. We will explore the characteristics of leadership, motivational techniques, and leadership styles. How do I best lead?. 
My Rotary: I am part of a worldwide organization of like-minded people. We will take time to understand the purpose and structure of Rotary. 
Ethics – Vocational Service: As a Rotarian I am ethical. I recognize and promote ethics in others, and I seek opportunities to serve others through my vocation.
Our Foundation: Learn about the basic goals and programs of our Foundation. 
Engaging Members: I make my club and Rotary stronger by my active participation. Engaged club members have fun, make friends, and effectively serve. 
Service Projects: – I am a vital part of a worldwide organization of business, professional and community leaders meeting needs in communities. I can build, run and promote service.
We will begin at 9 am and finish by 4:15 pm.  The cost is $40 for all materials, lunch, and snacks. We will meet at the Bayfield Public Library in their conference room and plan to eat lunch outside in their courtyard.