Posted by Jim Garrett
Sharee Grazda was present at the Meeting to tell us about the annual 9 Health Fair.  (The Fair takes its name from the Denver TV station that sponsors it.)  The Fair has been held in Pagosa for nearly 40 years, and is now conducted at 100 sites throughout Colorado.  It provides various low-cost health screening measures such as kits to help detect colon cancer and blood chemistry tests that can turn up issues like pre-diabetes and high cholesterol.
The Fair was held earlier this year at Pagosa Springs High School, and drew 440 participants served by 150 volunteers.  Sharee was present at the meeting to recruit volunteers for next year’s Fair, to help with coordination of supplies and administration of screening procedures.  Medical experience is not required.  The Fair is to be held April 27, 2019, 7 – 11 am at the High School, she said.  Visit the 9 Health Fair website for more information and let Shellie know if you are interested in participating in this effort!