Your spare change
can make a big impact.

The Rotary Club of Pagosa Springs is also supporting blind students attending the National School for the Blind in Niamey.  With just Rotarians' spare change, this is an easy and affordable way for each of us to support our International Service work in Niger.
Here are the kids we will support, with their teacher and school head:
Our goal is to collect $25 each week over the next year to provide the supplies these students need at a cost of about $125 each. We hope to send them enough money over the course of a year to supply each child with basic supplies. The members of our twin club have promised to send us updates on our support. This gives us the opportunity to be reminded on a regular basis about this vital work in Niger.
The basic needs of the nine visually impaired students are as follows:
 - Tablet used as a slate for taking notes during class lessons, price $57.85
 - Punch serving as a pen for the tablet,  price $4.96
 - Paper in the form of Bristol cards for writing,  ream of 300 sheets at $33.06
 - Ring to connect and classify courses,  price $0.33 per unit
 - School outfit (Dress, pants + T-shirt), price $18.18
 - School bag, estimated price $8.28
Such a small investment could make the world of difference for these children.